smart city

Technology adoption for a positive Change 
of our future Cities

It is imperative that technology is employed for human beings, affordable for society and resulting in economic prosperity. 

We are focusing on innovation-led growth and sustained cost reduction by efficient resource employment, creating market-facing services and transcending the initial hype in a competitive environment. This is our vision for future smart cities!

Novel Services and individual Solutions

Cities are becoming more and more complex with new regulations, new customer needs and stakeholders. 

To tackle all those needs new business models based on key innovations and an extended approach is required. Therefore we are using our collaborative and inclusive network to evolve a ”silo-ed” city to a livable urban environment with affordable digital services.

Value creation for cities and communities

We are enabler, and digital architects. We know and actively shape a new value creation in cities and for the communities. We see a new target system for the city as the key focus on the city as a living space and sustainable and smart living.

About us

1nthink is the Smart City development initiative and brand of the /LD7 digital network.
With long year experience in business, we are the digital architects who develop smart city ecosystems, smart city services through to individual digital district solutions for cities, councils, real estate developer or public utilities.

We also operate as think tank and therefore collaborate with thought leaders and smart city experts around the globe.



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