Our projects are always driven by our vision - creating a new community environment, a livable neighborhood.

But we encounter construction, housing and utility concepts reflecting siloed requirements and respective providers pursuing their individual profit targets, instead of aiming for affordable and human-centered urban services.

Our conviction to get here is

… a consistent paradigm shift

  1. Sharing: Transform assets into affordable services (provide access)
  2. Ubiquitous connectivity: Master utilization data for intelligent variety
  3. Privacy and security: “Cybersmart” data usage; new data ethics delivering answers to unmet needs.

Discover some of our novel urban development cases and projects

"Gartenfeld": Smart City Consulting and urban services 
(see our teaser below)

"Digital Twin": City on a page

"Future payment in cities": Trend research

"Smart City Initiative": Learning Journies, civic participation, innovation technology landscaping

Lighthouse Project Gartenfeld 

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