Our Novel Services and Individual Smart City Solutions

Cities are becoming more and more complex with new regulations, and new customer needs and stakeholders.
To tackle all of those needs new business models based on key innovations and an extended approach are required.
Therefore we are using our collaborative and inclusive network to evolve a ”silo-ed” city into a livable urban environment with affordable digital services.

Smart City Consulting

What are the future targets and what is the right strategy for a city or district, what kind of quality of life, business services, utilities or infrastructure solutions are required?

Technology diffusions need to be accompanied by an active transition management.
We support cities, councils, real estate developers and or public utilities on their future paths.

Research and Landscaping

What are the future trends that are relevant for my city?

As a think tank, we typify cities and their requirements, create trend analyses and develop innovation road maps that are relevant for a council or investors.

Urban Services 

You are wondering how this complex ecosystem can be managed and operated?

We design, develop and collab the best individual, appropriate operating model and manage the vendors, for every project.

Smart City Operating System 

How can all these smart city and smart quarter ideas be turned into reality?

With our competence and team of experts we transform your ideas into smart services, we help you to enhance data utilization, develop new business cases, and simulate the future smart city on a page by using AI, or digital twin technology.

Smart City Innovation Journeys

You don't know what "smart city" actually means and how it can be implemented? How do you get local administration, residents and businesses excited about innovative ideas for digital solutions that improve community-based lives?

We connect you with experts and thought leaders and engage with urban developers who are already successfully implementing innovative smart city solutions. These experiences and workshops are individually tailored to the needs of decision-makers from administrations, public operators and enable civic participation.

Smart City Expert Program

Are you wondering how you can actually be trained to become an expert?

We designed a modular Expert Training Program to deep dive into all relevant smart city building blocks, which are even technology focused (security, data sovereignty, data utilization, infrastructure), but this program provides you with tools to communicate and connect with stakeholders in the best possible way, get you prepared for smart city vendor management, prototyping, simulation, etc.


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